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It’s not a job once I love it 


About Me

Creativity has always been my passion. Over the years my skills in Graphic  designing have grown as I have been given many opportunities to help friends and businesses

About You

I enjoy taking your ideas and turning them into a reality. At the end of the day, once you are happy I am happy.


My style usually consists of vibrant colours and a fun feel however, I can use other styles, allowing me to adjust to different niches

More About Me

Kenisha York

I believe that design plays a major role in communicating a brand’s story, and  personality is expressed through colours, layout  and shapes. Text is only information if it is not creatively made to capture the audience, and design is only shapes and images if it not meant to compliment the meaning of the text.


I consider myself as someone who likes to think outside of the box. In an effort to understand design and communication, I am always seeking new developments and trends in an evolving media world.

Launching Soon!

Instagram Feed Templates

my portfolio


Logos |Business Cards |Presentations | Publications |Flyers |Characters |and more 

Social Media management

  • Creating a social media strategy to generate leads and engagement.
  • Creating more attractive bio
  • Creating consistency in the feed’s design
  • Adjusting the feed’s layout to communicate the brand’s values
  • Adjusting the feed’s layout to communicate the brand’s practices
  • Investigating followers and followings that are aligned with the brand’s values.



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