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About Niche

Creativity is an area that God has blessed me with. Over the years my skills in Graphic designing have grown and I have been given many opportunities to help friends and businesses. Hopefully, I can help your brand to design more efficiently with Christ in mind.

The Social Design Package

When you purchase the starter product from the social design package, you can choose to follow my Growth program and get more products and templates just by sharing. Learn more about how my Growth Program works.

Customise your brand

The Social Media Template is minimal but the perfect solution for businesses who want to be more efficient and elevate their online presence. If you want to customize it even more to fit your brand’s atmosphere, you can add an Element kit with it!

Social Media Template

Element Kits

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  • My aim is to help brands to design more efficiently with Christ in mind. Graphic and design can be hectic and I want to create a better way to help and guide businesses in the process.
  • I am taking a break on posting on my Insta feed. I am one for content planning and having posts scheduled for a few days or even weeks, but it is becoming a lot to manage for now. Nonetheless my business is still up and running. You can still find updates on my Insta story though. In the meantime you can scroll through to see my services ranging from: * Logos * Business Cards * Flyers * Templates * Prints ......and of course my journey with God. Feel free to always message me Niche
  • The Winner of November's Giveaway is . . . .... @bacardi_angel
  • If you did not know about this month's giveaway then you have one more chance to participate in it. Scroll down to the original "giveaway alert"post and read how you can participate in it. Winners will be anounced soon. This cookies are also catered by @koekjesvanjudite