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With Christ in Mind

“Niche York Designs” is about helping brands to design more efficiently with brands with Christ in mind. When I fully received Jesus as my personal Lord and saviour, it also entailed my business. This meant changing my business strategy and merging my skills to help advance His kingdom. I see my business as a tool for what I want to do for the kingdom of God.

I want to build brands as I build my journey with Him, and share my own testimonies, the goodness of God and business experiences. 

What I aim to do

I believe that our business is not only to advance ourselves. This world is just a temporary place as we dwell in Christ until his return. In the meantime, we can use our gifts and knowledge in our business to bless others in need and help to advance God’s kingdom.  

So I pray that God pours out his blessings over our businesses in abundance so that we can contribute towards His plans. I also pray for God to help us with the renewal of our minds as we venture out into our business. 

Shine your light before others, so that they can see your good works and give glory to the Father who is in heaven 

– Matthew 5:16 

How can "Niche York Designs" help you?

I believe it is important to have an efficient business, however, it can be difficult to do so because of so many other business operations. Not to mention our own personal lives. It can also be difficult trying to figure out the right design elements or how to effectively communicate about your brand. As a result, this can lead to constantly changing your brand’s concept and spending a lot of time on this area.

My aim is to reduce the hassle of the design and communication aspect of your business by providing templates, tutorials, and simple explanations that are convenient to use, create and learn. I want to help businesses brand from scratch to finish, with my products, services and processes. Not only will you have consistent marketing materials to build brand recognition, but it will also save you loads of time. In this way, you can be more efficient in your business and can focus more on other meaningful things, like God, family and friends. 


Not only have I been blessed in the area of creativity, but I had the opportunity to complete my studies in communication and media. This gave me the additional knowledge and expertise in this field. Do you need help with your brand? Check out some of Niche York Designs services.

Are you ready to take your brand up a notch?

My Vision

To be the benchmark for efficient branding services for startups, small and growing businesses, be recognized as a disciple of God, and maintain the quality and ethics of my products and services.

My Mission

To make my products and processes more efficient and create an impact on others through my journey with Jesus.

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