Social Design Package

When you purchase the starter product from the social design package, you can choose to follow my Growth program and unlock the other phases through points earned by sharing. Learn more about how my Growth Program works or sign up to join the program.

Phase 1 Buy

Social Media Template 

To join the program, you will need to purchase this social media template. It is basic, but it will help your page look more professional and consistent with your brand colours and fonts. I will also have element kits available so you can customise it even more. In the meantime you can start your branding with this template.


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Phase 2 Share

Brand Board Template

You will automatically receive a brand board template when you share and tag me on your Facebook and Instagram story. You would need to start with phase 1 to qualify. 


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Phase 3 42pts

Brand Board Consultation

After you’ve received your brand board template and gained enough points, we can have our first consult. Here, I will provide you with advice and tips about your brand visuals. Here will be a good time to purchase one of my Element kits so that I can implement it into your brand board for the next stage. You don't have to but it will make your visuals stronger.

Phase 4 60pts

Redesigned Brand Board

By this time,  you will have a strong sense of your brand’s elements. In this stage, I will redesign your brand board giving it an added touch. I will also include more aspects of your brand board, giving you a detailed overview of your brand.
Phase 5 90pts

Social Design Consultation

Here we will have another consultation. I will focus on your social media templates with the new and improved brand board. I will also share tips that you can implement in your social media as it relates to your industry. In this way, you have more direction in your online presence. 
Phase 6 115pts

Social Media Redesigned

In the final phase, I am going to give you ten new social media templates to add to your starter product. I will also design them for you using the elements from your brand board concept, giving you the direction to design your future posts on your own.


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Seems like something you are interested in? Then you can purchase the social media template and sign up to collect your first set of points.


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