Lux 1 Packages

Introducing the Lux 1 Packages: Elevate Your Brand with Style, Sophistication, and Engaging Content

Choose from the Lux 1 Starter Package, Lux 1 Signature Package, or Lux 1 Deluxe Package to unlock the power of captivating designs, seamless integration of Chat GPT Prompts, and comprehensive marketing assets. Read More Below






Elevate your social media game with the Lux 1 Starter Package. Get designed social media posts, a stunning Lux 1 Elements Kit, and a guide with Chat GPT Prompts for engaging posts.

Upgrade to the Lux 1 Signature Package to elevate your brand further. You will receive the Lux 1 Element Kit and professionally designed social media posts, supported by a brand board for consistent visual identity. Connect with your audience on a deeper level using a Chat GPT guide with Prompts, seamlessly integrated with your posts.

For the ultimate brand transformation, choose the Lux 1 Deluxe Package. You will receive the Lux 1 Elements kit, social media post designs, the brand board, Chat gpt prompts and a marketing kit which includes essential assets such as price lists, thank you cards, coupon code cards, loyalty cards, gift vouchers, product labels, and business cards – all beautifully designed to align perfectly with your brand’s aesthetic.

Elevate your brand’s style, engage your audience, and make a lasting impression with the Lux 1 Packages. Choose the package that best suits your needs and unlock the full potential of your brand today.

Mega Social Media Pack

To make it easier for you I have a mega social media pack that you can apply your element kit on. It consists of different post layouts, such as:

  • Quote posts
  • Review posts
  • Service posts
  • Sale posts
  • Launch and collab posts
  • Giveaway posts
  • Engagement posts
  • Inspirational posts
  • and more


All you have to do is apply your element kit to the social media pack, edit, download and post! The social media pack  also include content guides in each section, helping you on what to write and how to write, so you can create more engagement and leads


I won’t leave you hanging. I will be sharing short tutorials on my website and Instagram profile to help you better along your journey. Want to be the first to find out about it? Subscribe to my newsletter for the Lux collection.

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