Custom Brand Board

This brand board includes

  • 4 colour palettes with hex codes: To create an atmosphere that aligns with your target audience and brand’s personality. Hex codes are the exact colour in your design. Not a shade lighter or darker.
  • Image inspirations: To get a feel and atmosphere of your brand’s direction
  • 2 fonts styles: Heading, subheading and body. To match your brand’s personality
  • Design elements used in your designs. e.g flowers, sparkles etc. That way, you know the exact brand direction you are looking for.

It can take around 2 weeks to complete your design, however if you would like it done sooner, there will be an additional fee. This design includes 2 revisions (The amount of changes made to the overall design.) The order form will guide you to make sure that you have everything you need to include in it. Ready to create a brand with personality? Let’s get started.


Brand Information

To better understand your brand's direction, you can answer a few question below. If you are not sure about it, no worries. We can figure it out together.
What do you sell? what inspired you to start your business?
What is your ideal target audience? (Age, gender, interests, etc)
What is the desired atmosphere of your brand
Do you have a personal colour preference?
Aside from you colour preference which colours do you feel represent your brand?
Aside from you colour preference which colours do you feel represent your brand?
Which Font style are you leaning towards
San Serif +
Serif +
Cursive +
Hand +

Design Delivery

Usually I have a waiting list for the custom designs. This design can take around 2 weeks to complete for new projects. If you would like your designs sooner, there is an additional fee to complete it within 5 days.
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