Grow with Niche

I created a program where people can earn points to get more business templates and services, just by referring others! This program consists of different phases where each phase is either a template or a service. You can unlock each phase using the points earned through sharing. 

The program will guide you and strengthen a particular area of your branding. It is not only made to strengthen your brand materials but to help you to be more efficient in your business without breaking your pocket.  


When you purchase the product in phase 1, you can choose to participate in the program, and unlock the other phases with templates and services using points earned through sharing.

When you sign up, you will get a personal link that you can share with your business friends and family. When someone purchases a  product from my store using your link, then you will receive points. They will also receive points for purchasing the items. This way both of you can benefit from referral link.

The person does not necessarily have to purchase the product from phase 1 or join the growth program, but they will miss out on the program opportunities if they do not start there. 

Of course! When you sign up, you will have access to achievement posts. These are posts with accomplishments that you have made during the grow with Niche journey. Every time you advance to the next phase, there will be a post ready for you to share. In this way, others can see your growth which is way better than trying to convince them about my products.

You will automatically have your own personalized link when you sign up. This way you can track every successful referral and the points you received. 

Yes. You can get points in different ways. You can get points by signing up, or even logging in. Surprise points will also be given, so stay on board to receive them!

You can only track your points when you sign up.

No boo. It is required to start from phase 1. However, if you only need certain products that are shown in the growth program, you can also purchase them in my shop. 

If you have purchased the starter product and already purchased other products included in the program, then you can receive free consultations. This could be advice and guides on other branding areas. 

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Check out the first program

When you purchase the product in phase 1, you can choose to follow the rest of the program by signing up. You will be able to get the other templates and services with points earned through sharing. Ready to take your brand up a notch? Select the package below.