Brand Board

A brand board is more than just putting colours together, but finding the right mix that will attract your customers and represent your business’s personality. It is the most important part of your business. When you have your colours, font style and inspiration set, you’ll have a stronger direction for you brand and consistent offline and online marketing materials. 

This brand board includes

  • 5 colour palettes with hex codes: To create an atmosphere that aligns with your target audience and brand’s personality. Hex codes are the exact colour in your design. Not a shade lighter or darker.
  • Image inspirations: To get a feel and atmosphere of your brand’s direction
  • 3 fonts style: Heading, subheading and body. To match your brand’s personality
  • Design elements used in your designs. e.g flowers, sparkles etc. That way, you know the exact brand direction you are looking for.

With a brand board, you know the exact direction for your brand and create consistency across all marketing materials.

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